Securities International Series


Securities International series follows the lives and loves of a team of security specialists. The team is made up of owners Maya Aaron and Joshua Donovan; Second in command Duncan Preston; Computer genus Timothy Jenkins; Close protection operative and back up sniper Derek Williams; Explosives expert and Operative Ian Finley, and finally Close Protection Operative and Deep Cover Surveillance Expert Raul Lopez.

The story starts with Maya and Duncan:

Maya Aaron, female police sniped with the emergency response team. She’s had a secret admirer since she was 18. A man and she knows he’s a man, cause he once sent her a letter, he sends her flowers. A unique unknown bouquet every day of the month in June. But at the same time, another bouquet is left at her parent’s gravesite too. Who is he and what does he want?

The night of her first big ERT call out she meets a man that makes her blood run hotter than ever before. At 5’7” of honed muscle from running and doing Krav Maga she doesn’t bend to many men. Until Duncan. He wants more, and she isn’t ready to give him more than a couple good fucks. A secret relationship starts, and she seriously doubts her decisions. He’s the brother of her best friend and a dominant man both in and out of the bedroom.

Now, she has another stalkers sites set on her. This one will kill all those around her even Duncan. She needs to decide is a relationship worth the pain of living. Is she strong enough to live through the death of another person she cares about?

Duncan Preston has seen the worst of war; he only wants to find his ‘worth it.’ When he witnesses the sexy woman make a kill shot from a record distance, he knows he’s finally found her. At 6’8” he’s the Big Guy of the Securities International team, the 2nd in command to the owner. He is the best operative always keeping his distance. Until the woman with green eyes and auburn hair makes him jealous even around his teammates. But can he hold on to her? She wants to keep their relationship secret. He wants to shout it from the top of the Eiffel tower, that she is his. She doesn’t want to open her heart to him. But he’s given his over and over to her. When the time comes will she chose him or to run?

Find out what happens in Sniper’s Kiss: Securities International book one. The hot and steamy beginning of the series. The Big Guy and the Sniper will cross more than blades.