Today I’m excited because I got all the formats back from the formatter and I’ll be loading Love’s First Kiss up. My current WIP is actually to do all the character building for my new PNR, called Radj’s Princess. It’s a story I’ve been sitting on for awhile and can’t wait to get it into your hot little hands. Look for this to publish later in 2018.



Today I’m working more on Jen and Ian’s story. This is the third story in Securities International series. It’s hard to hurt my characters as much as I have to for this story. It has become an exploration in pain. Can Jen survive the number of injuries I give her? Can Ian stand by and watch his girl be treated like a punching bag? But mostly all this is going to create mental injuries and what are those effect on them. I also have put Maya through her greatest fear, and it brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait to see what you think of this story coming in February 2018 hopefully.

Angel’s Kiss update is that it is still at the formatters and when I can it will be in your hot little hands. Doing this book has opened my eyes to patience and perseverance. It’s hard to say where it all went wrong but I know that if I keep strong, it will happen. Please don’t lose faith in me I will get you Joshua and Ana’s story soon.


NaNoWriMo 2017 is going strong I’m already almost to 40K but I plan to get as much as I can of book three done so it can get to your hands faster. This is the story of a couple that fell in love in a war-torn country until one man destroys that love. Now its been two years and secrets separate them but can they find love again. Will they be able to overcome deception, lies, secrets, injuries, bombs, and attacks to recover Love’s First Kiss?


This is going to become a running dialogue of my WIP, words in progress. Today I spent most of it online either selling books, creating teasers, or planning for the future books. I was able to get into book three Love’s First Kiss pretty good and I’m really surprised and pleased with where that story is going. I hope to have it to the editor in early October for a December 2017 release.

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I have been working so hard and trying to push my word counts for #NaNoWriMo.  Today is a day of struggle for me.  I am attempting to find the motivation.  I got my Spotify list for the manuscript I am working on playing loud in my headphones.  The characters are talking to me, but all I find myself doing is playing on social media.  Going to take a break for a few and come back later tonight.

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