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Watching the cover being done.  This is real now.  The project I have spent over a year working on is getting closer.  Cover Reveal in February.  Book has been to Alpha readers, soon to my Beta readers.  Thank you every one.

Sniper’s Kiss

She was a typical 17-year old, just graduated from high school with two major scholarships to consider.  Life was good until the night that her parents decided to discuss her future.  What happens when all you know ends in one night?

He was a soldier that took orders.  He defied his father to protect the Queen and his country.  He learned to give his life for the greater good.  After the loss of a friend and the trials of war what kind of man will he be?

Now years later she wants a man she should not want, and he wants the auburn haired, green eyed woman that can kick his arse.  Can they find a way to be together?

Two individuals destined by faith to be together.  She wants to learn to live.  He wants to know what is ‘worth it.’  He will protect her, and she will kill for him.  Can they learn together before fate intervenes?

A mystery man on a mission to possess the one women he wants, will collide with the one couple meant to be, who will win?

Interview with Duncan…

Hello, again this is E.M. Shue, today I am interviewing Duncan Preston another character in Sniper’s Kiss the introduction to the new exciting Women of Securities International Series.

E.M. – Welcome Mr. Duncan Preston.  I have a few questions to ask you today.

Duncan – Begin

E.M. -Tell us a little about yourself

Duncan – I recently got out the British Army and will more than likely start working for a mate at Securities International a private security company.   I have a younger sister who is getting married soon.  My father retired from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  There are going to be many perks of working for my friend; travel, working with my old teammates, and plenty of lassies.

E.M. – What will you be doing for Securities International?

Duncan – I will be a Close Protection Operative and second in command.

E.M. – Second in command?

Duncan – Joshua and I served together.  His first choice declined because he did not want to give up his detail.

E.M. – Congratulations to you then Mr. Preston.

Duncan – You may call me Duncan.  Thank you

E.M. – Thank you, Duncan. How about what do you do for fun?

Duncan – I work on my 1967 Aston Martin DBS.

E.M. – That is all you do?

Duncan – Yes.  With my sister going daft right now with wedding plans.  My mates and I drink at the pub occasionally or work out.

E.M. – How about your favorite music genre?

Duncan – I listen to anything, classic rock, Stones, Hendrix and Eagles are my favorite.

E.M. – Anyone special in your life?

Duncan – No.

E.M. – What would you say is your worst trait?

Duncan – My gaffer would say stubbornness.

E.M. – Gaffer?

Duncan – My father

E.M. – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Duncan – No plans.  

E.M. – Higher up with your company, marriage, children?

Duncan – If it happens. (pause)  I want to know…Nothing.

E.M. – Know what?

Duncan – A friend said it was worth it.  What does that mean?  In 5 years, I want to know what is worth it.  Is love worth it?  I want something to be worth it.  My mum died when I was five years old, my father has never remarried, and I do not believe he has ever even dated.  She was worth it.  That is what I want, but longer.

E.M. – Hm okay. Final question any big upcoming plans?

Duncan – Just my sister’s wedding.  

E.M. –  Well thank you for your time today, Duncan.

Duncan – Thank you


Starting tomorrow, I am going to introduce you to a few of the characters.  If you have any questions you want to ask them, please feel free to post them here or on my Facebook page.

Schedules as follows:

Saturday 11/14/15 – Maya Aaron – heroine – DC Metro Police Officer

Tuesday 11/17/15 – Duncan Preston – hero – Newest employee of Securities International

Saturday 11/21/15 – Ana Preston – Duncan’s sister and Maya’s best friend

Tuesday 11/24/15 – Joshua Donovan – Owner of Securities International

Friday 11/27/15 – James Preston – Duncan and Ana’s father and a special person to Maya.

Monday 11/30/15 – Derek and Greg Williams – Maya’s friends

Affect and Effect

I am finding that the effect of the Paris terrorist attacks is affecting my writing today.  My writing is organic, meaning not only do I not outline and am what is called a pantser, but I also write my feelings and experiences.  Having a terrorist attack happen when I am editing and writing books about the aftermath of a terrorist attack is troubling.  I want to say I am above this and write, but I find myself still thinking about it.  So for today I would like us all to take a pause and think about what is happening in Paris.

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