An Interesting Question

I am working on my Character Sketches for the upcoming characters.  I want them to have a good base in each of the proceeding books until theirs.

I have come up with a question, though…about the main team.  They are Duncan, Joshua, Raul, Ian, and Timothy, they all served in the same unit of the SAS together.

Can the death of one man affect the lives of five other men?  How?

For me, I would say yes.  I am seeing that all of these men have changed their lives because of the death of one man.  Even a guy like Timothy who was a stable young man before the war and now holds everyone at a distance.  He doesn’t trust himself or his abilities anymore.

To me, this is what a lot of our soldiers must be going through.  I don’t personally know what they go through, but I am learning through my writing and research.  I pray that I am giving my characters realistic struggles.

Just an FYI I will also be sprinkling some American Soldiers in too.  I have a new character named Zach that was Marine Force Recon.

On that note…Thank you to all our soldiers American and other countries.  Thank you for your sacrifice.

E.M. Shue

Interview with Derek and Greg

Hello, today we are interviewing Derek and Greg Williams.  Two more characters in the upcoming new book Sniper’s Kiss.

E.M. – I understand you both are friends of Maya Aaron.

Derek and Greg –  Family

E.M. – Excuse me?

Greg – Maya is family.  She is like a daughter to me and a sister to Derek.

Derek – She is the little annoying sister I never had.

E.M. – How long have you known Maya?

Derek – Since she was 19 and in college.

E.M. – How did you meet her if I can ask?

Greg – James and I know each other, and we introduced the kids.

E.M. – Is there a story here?

Derek – Maya is a private person if she didn’t tell you I won’t, plus I like my privacy too.

E.M. – Derek I understand you are a police officer also, correct?

Derek – Yes, I joined the academy with Maya.  

E.M. – So do you want to become a part of the E.R.T. also?

Derek – That is my plan too.  Maya and I have practiced and trained hard to do this.  We hope to be on the same team and maybe partners.

E.M. – What kind of training? And what do you mean by partners?

Derek – Any extra training that is offered by the department or through any of the other agencies we try to take.  I have been a spotter for her for years now.

E.M. – How about you Greg what do you do for a living?

Greg – I work for the Secret Service.  I help Derek and Maya get the extra training they want to take.  I was able to get them both into some training sessions for snipers at Quantico.  I have wanted both of them to join the Service for years.

Derek – Dad not now, please.

E.M. – So neither you or Maya wanted to be Secret Service agents.

Derek – No

E.M. – Can I ask why?

Derek – We wanted to be police officers.  No big deal.  Plus I don’t wear suits and Maya hates dresses.

E.M. – Do you and Maya do things together?

Derek – We spar once in awhile when I think she won’t kick my ass.  We also ride our motorcycles together.  

E.M. – Derek, Maya said that you would say she needs to learn to live and have more fun.  Do you agree with that statement?

Derek – Yes, both of us put our jobs before ourselves.  But, she really needs to get out of her head once in awhile.  I try to joke and tease with her, but she just shrugs it off.  She only goes to the bar once in awhile.  Her life is focused on working out and working to be the best.  I think she needs to shake it up a little.

Greg – I agree, I try to get both of the kids away once in awhile.  I have been bugging Maya to take a vacation and go to London again.  Her last trip was to Israel last winter to go to a funeral; that is not a vacation.

E.M. – I am so sorry to hear about her loss, she did not share anything about family.

Greg – That is my girl, she doesn’t share.

E.M. – Is there anything else you can tell me about Maya, either of you?

Derek – No.  I don’t feel like getting my ass handed to me when I meet her at the gym later.

Greg – She might come off as strong and gruff, but she is a truly a kind and decent person.   She has a gentle soul, and I hope I am there the day she opens up finally.

E.M. – Thank you for your time, and we look forward to learning more about you in Sniper’s Kiss.

Interview updates

Due to my participation in #NaNoWriMo, I got behind on my interview schedule.  I won so my hard work paid off. Tomorrow will be the final interview introduction of two characters.  Thank you for your support.

E.M. Shue

Interview with Joshua and James.

Hello again, today I would like to introduce you to Joshua Donovan first and then to James Preston.  Welcome, Mr. Donovan.

Joshua – Hello, thank you for having me.

E.M. – I was wondering if we could ask you a few questions about Duncan Preston.

Joshua – I can answer some.

E.M. – How did you two meet?

Joshua – We met in the Army.  I was his Lieutenant; he was my right-hand.

E.M. –  I was told that you sought him out instead of him being assigned to you.  Is that true?

Joshua – I wanted the best to work with me so yes I sought him out.

E.M. – Do you know much about his family?

Joshua – Only that he has a sister and father that live in London.  We do not discuss our families.

E.M. – Are you going to the wedding?

Joshua – No.  Duncan is borrowing my Rover because he only has a small car and needs to run his sister and the maid-of-honor around.

E.M. – Anything else you can tell us about Duncan?

Joshua – He is a fairly private person, but for those he cares he is loyal and fiercely protective.

E.M. – He is a large guy does that intimidate you?

Joshua – Bloody hell woman, yes it is intimidating when he comes running at you full of anger.  Why do you think I asked him to work for me?

E.M. – Tell us about your company

Joshua – I run a multinational security company.  My grandfather started the business when I was young, and I just continued it.  With my military background and his we have contacts all over the world.  I added the Computer Security Division after I hired another friend from my military days.  I hope to add some other specialties some day.

E.M. – Such as?

Joshua – Forensics accounting, personal security, and I would like to add a Criminology Division.

E.M. – How would that help you?  

Joshua – The forensics accounting would help with searching accounting files and learning to not only secure them but, as they say, following the money.  The criminology would help with learning why someone does what they do and help us with tracking stalkers.  I would like to teach women not to be victims, how to protect themselves.

E.M. – Okay now I understand.  Thank you for your time today, I have another interview set up shortly.

Joshua – Thank you.

E.M. – I would like to introduce you now to James Preston, Duncan and Ana’s father.  Hello, Mr. Preston.

James – Hello

E.M. – I hear you are busy preparing for your daughter’s upcoming wedding.

James – I am not that busy with the planning.  Jonathon has it all planned out, and Ana is doing all the finalizing.  I show up at the events they want me too.  He asked me to see if anyone from the Royal family would be attending, but I assured him that would not be possible.

E.M. – He wanted one of them to attend?

James – Yes of course.  He is pushing for the event of the year.

E.M. – How about your son Duncan?

James – What about him?  He just got home a couple weeks ago from the military.

E.M. – I bet you are proud of him and glad he is home safe now.

James – I understand he did well for himself in the military. Yes, of course, it is good he is safe.

E.M. – Okay.  Uhm, how about Maya Aaron, I understand you know her too?

James – I have known Maya for several years.  Her mum and my Isabella grew up together.  I am extremely proud of the woman Maya has become.  Her job scares me but it is what she wants to do.

E.M. – So you know her family.  Can you tell us about them?

James – (smiles) I am guessing that Maya did not want to talk about her family.  I will not tell you anything either.  She is very private.

E.M. – Okay.  Can you tell us are you worried about Maya’s possible interview for the ERT team?

James – I told you her job scares me.  I know though that she will be watched and taken care of if she succeeds in her quest.  With Maya, I learned a long time ago if you try to stop her she will just run you over.  She is a special woman.

E.M. – I guess that is all I have for you today.  Thank you for your time.

Interview with Anabel Preston

Today we will get to know some of the friends and relatives of our hero/heroine of Sniper’s Kiss the first book in the Women of Securities International Series.

E.M. – Welcome Ms. Anabel Preston.  I have a few questions to ask you today about Maya and Duncan.

Anabel – You may call me Ana, most everyone does.  My full name is so formal.

E.M. – Please tell us a little about yourself.

Ana – I am engaged to be married to Jonathon Davidson, he works for a consulting firm.  I am busy planning that.  I have an older brother, Duncan and my father who lives in London too.

E.M. – Have you picked out the dresses and all that?

Ana – That was all easy because there was a vision I needed to adhere to of the perfect wedding.

E.M. – So you have a theme?

Ana – The colors are blush, pink, and gold.

E.M. – Do you work outside the home?

Ana – No, Jonathon has a demanding career and wants me to stay home.

E.M. – Don’t you have an art degree?

Ana – Yes

E.M. – Do you still do art?

Ana – No, that was a hobby.  I take care of my soon-to-be husband, now.

E.M. – How long have you known Maya?

Ana – I have known Maya for about five years.  Our mothers were best friends before my mum died.

E.M. – Your brother just got of the Army, how is that?

Ana – It is nice to have my brother home safe.  I worried about him so much when he was there.  We do not get together much because we are both so busy with my engagement and him working.

E.M. – Do you have any hobbies?

Ana – No, I am very busy taking care of Jonathon.

E.M. – What do you do when Jonathon is at work, though?

Ana – I work around the flat cleaning and preparing his meals.  He has a list of things I am supposed to do daily.

E.M. – Do you have a favorite music genre?

Ana – Jonathon listens to classical music, primarily Mozart.

E.M. – What about you?

Ana – I listen to what Jonathon listens too.

E.M. – What would you consider is your worst trait?

Ana – I am not perfect.

E.M. – Oh you mean you are too much of a perfectionist?

Ana – No, I am not as perfect as I should be.

E.M. – Okay.  Do you and Jonathon plan to have children?

Ana – No, Jonathon is all I need.

E.M. – Okay.  So Maya said you would say her worst trait is that she needs to learn to live.  Is that true?

Ana – Maya has spent the last five years working toward a goal I worry is unattainable.  She does not date, and she does nothing for fun.  She will never meet a man that way.  

E.M. – To her work is her life, getting married isn’t.

Ana – True but a woman is only as good as the man she supports.

E.M. – You do not believe that do you?

Ana – That is what Jonathon says is the most important thing.

E.M. –  Do you have any social life?

Ana – Jonathon will take me to company parties once in awhile.

E.M. – Okay, thank you for your time today Ana.  It was very enlightening, good luck with the upcoming wedding.  I will let you get back to planning.

Ana – Thank you

Interview with Duncan…

Hello, again this is E.M. Shue, today I am interviewing Duncan Preston another character in Sniper’s Kiss the introduction to the new exciting Women of Securities International Series.

E.M. – Welcome Mr. Duncan Preston.  I have a few questions to ask you today.

Duncan – Begin

E.M. -Tell us a little about yourself

Duncan – I recently got out the British Army and will more than likely start working for a mate at Securities International a private security company.   I have a younger sister who is getting married soon.  My father retired from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  There are going to be many perks of working for my friend; travel, working with my old teammates, and plenty of lassies.

E.M. – What will you be doing for Securities International?

Duncan – I will be a Close Protection Operative and second in command.

E.M. – Second in command?

Duncan – Joshua and I served together.  His first choice declined because he did not want to give up his detail.

E.M. – Congratulations to you then Mr. Preston.

Duncan – You may call me Duncan.  Thank you

E.M. – Thank you, Duncan. How about what do you do for fun?

Duncan – I work on my 1967 Aston Martin DBS.

E.M. – That is all you do?

Duncan – Yes.  With my sister going daft right now with wedding plans.  My mates and I drink at the pub occasionally or work out.

E.M. – How about your favorite music genre?

Duncan – I listen to anything, classic rock, Stones, Hendrix and Eagles are my favorite.

E.M. – Anyone special in your life?

Duncan – No.

E.M. – What would you say is your worst trait?

Duncan – My gaffer would say stubbornness.

E.M. – Gaffer?

Duncan – My father

E.M. – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Duncan – No plans.  

E.M. – Higher up with your company, marriage, children?

Duncan – If it happens. (pause)  I want to know…Nothing.

E.M. – Know what?

Duncan – A friend said it was worth it.  What does that mean?  In 5 years, I want to know what is worth it.  Is love worth it?  I want something to be worth it.  My mum died when I was five years old, my father has never remarried, and I do not believe he has ever even dated.  She was worth it.  That is what I want, but longer.

E.M. – Hm okay. Final question any big upcoming plans?

Duncan – Just my sister’s wedding.  

E.M. –  Well thank you for your time today, Duncan.

Duncan – Thank you

Interview with Maya

Hello, this is E.M. Shue, today I am interviewing Maya Aaron the main character of Sniper’s Kiss the introduction to the new exciting Women of Securities International Series.

E.M. – Welcome Ms. Maya Aaron.  I only have a few questions to ask you today.

Maya – Thank you for having me.

E.M. -Tell us a little about yourself

Maya – I work for DC Metro Police Department and that is about it.

E.M. – Really? Nothing else you want people to know about you

Maya – Like what? I am a police officer I would like to be on the ERT team. I am not a girly girl; I don’t like shopping or wearing dresses. Although, I do like shoes, and I love guns and knives. I have several of all.

E.M. – I like the cowboy boots your wearing.  What is an ERT team?

Maya – You would call it SWAT it is the Emergency Response Team.

E.M. – Oh Okay.  How about family?

Maya – Next question, please

E.M. – No family or you don’t talk about them?

Maya – I said next question please. I do not discuss my family.  If that is what you want to ask me about, then we are done.

E.M. – Sorry Ms. Aaron, I will not ask any more questions about family.

Maya – Maya call me Maya I don’t do formal unless you are a superior officer.

E.M. – Thank you, Maya. How about what do you do for fun?

Maya – Fun? Uhm…well…I work out at a friends studio, run, go to the range, ride my motorcycle, and watch Food Network.

E.M. – Food Network?

Maya – Yeah I like cooking shows.

E.M. – How about your favorite music genre? And, your favorite flower?

Maya – I don’t like flowers, remember not a girly girl.  I like classic rock, rock, and some English bands.

E.M. – Like?

Maya – Stones, The Script, and U2. I also like classic Heart, AC/DC, and several others.

E.M. – Do you have any special talents?

Maya – I used to do Biathlon when I was a teenager, so I am a pretty good shot now.  I want to be a sniper on the ERT team. I speak many languages primarily Yiddish, Hebrew, and Arabic. I also study Krav Maga and Israeli knife fighting.

E.M. – How about your favorite vehicle?

Maya – That one is easy I like my Ford Raptor truck and my Ducati 848 Evo.

E.M. – No cars?

Maya – Porsche makes a nice car, but I am a truck girl, I told you not a girly girl.

E.M. – Anyone special in your life?

Maya – I have a few friends.

E.M. – No I mean are you seeing anyone special?

Maya – No, I don’t date. I work, my job is my life.

E.M. – Okay. What would you say is your worst trait?

Maya – Pass

E.M. – Please Ms., sorry I mean Maya, people want to know about you.

Maya – ahem…I would say I am a workaholic.

E.M. – Is there something you would change about yourself?

Maya – I would not change anything, I like who I am. My best friends would say that I need to learn to live and have fun more.

E.M. – Would that be your friends Anabel and Derek?

Maya – Yes

E.M. – They both will be interviewed coming up soon.

Maya – Okay

E.M. – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Maya – I see myself as the number one sniper on the ERT team.

E.M. – Not married and with children

Maya – No I don’t see myself married, and I don’t ever plan on having children.

E.M. – Uhm okay. Here is an easy question any big upcoming plans?

Maya – In a few weeks I will be going to London for my best friend, Ana’s wedding. I have not been to London for several years, and I have not seen her since. Other than having to wear a dress I am excited to go.

E.M. – You have not seen your best friend in years?

Maya – No, work has gotten in the way.

E.M. –  Well thank you for your time today, Maya.

Maya – Thank you

E.M. – Wait can I ask you one more question, I noticed when you stood up you have a gun on under your jacket.  Do you always conceal and carry?

Maya – Yes, I always have guns and knives on me.

E.M. – Okay, well thank you again.  Good luck getting your interview.

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