Angel’s Kiss


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Book 2 in the exciting Securities International Series.

Ana and Joshua had one perfect moment. One kiss and it was love at first sight. They didn’t even know each other’s real names.

Now it’s been six years and she is under the protection of Securities International and the man she only knew as Lieutenant, but she is no longer his Angel. She’s a battered shell of the woman she once was.

Joshua will protect her with his life. But can he show Ana the passion of their love even through all her scars? He’ll pull every trick out of his gun safe to have the only woman to ever possess his heart.

Until one miscalculation and Ana is back in the hands of her own personal monster. Does she really have the strength to end it? Can she save herself and her best friend? And, will she be able to find a happily ever after when the dust settles.

In this continuation to the Securities International series, we find out more about the death of Maya’s parents and the connection Ana’s ex-husband has to it all. We find out how much this team will give to stay a family and we get closer to finding out who Sir is.