Gastroparesis Awareness Month Sales


The month of August I’m doing a fundraiser to support a cause that is close to my families heart.

As some of you know my daughter, Kelsey has gastroparesis. Kelsey has always had issues with her stomach and bowels through her life but when she was 15 she started having problems eating, she would get nauseous and said she was full all the time. She lost quite a bit of weight to where she was 16 and only 80lbs. She had a surgery in 2013 to repair damage to her stomach and bowels for a condition I researched like crazy called gastroparesis.

This condition meant she didn’t digest foods at the rates normal people do. Her food would sit in her stomach and literally ferment and cause her to be nauseous all the time. We lived in Fairbanks at the time and both her and I had to travel to Anchorage for treatment. Treatment consisted of basically just treating her symptoms. One doctor actually told us she was anorexic and doing it to herself. It took us finding an awesome gastroenterologist who first did a botox injection into part of her stomach to keep her bottom part of her stomach relaxed so her foods would pass into her bowels and she could eat finally. That worked for about eight months. Finally at 17 and under 90lbs she was checked into the hospital for what was supposed to be a minor abdominal surgery. It turned into four hours and major abdominal repairs. Currently her gastroparesis is considered in remission but she will face the side effects of this disease for the rest of her life. She still has to take lots of anti-nausea medications and was finally diagnosed with several other conditions that contribute to the gastroparesis.

But she is not the only reason I’m doing this, although she is a biggest one. She has many friends through Facebook support groups and my own book formatter is affected by this misunderstood and often misdiagnosed condition. Patients will be told it’s in their head or they are doing it on purpose. I’ve been given this opportunity to raise awareness and give something back, please help me.

Also, August is Gastroparesis awareness month and wear green for gastroparesis support. There are several fun t-shirts on Amazon or just wear plain old green. I’ll be taking pictures of the family in their green and posting them on all my social media accounts. Show Kelsey ,G-Pact (Gastroparesis Patient Association for Cures and Treatment) and Gastroparesis Awareness groups your support.

In honor of this I will be posting a special form for ordering e-books and autographed paperbacks. If you just want to give there is an option to do that too. Just tell me how much in the notes. I will give $1 for every e-book and $5 for every paperback sold through this website to G-Pact and possibly another gastroparesis organization. Please help me support these organizations and patients.

I will also be offering an awesome package deal. For the month of August I will offer both Sniper’s Kiss and Angel’s Kiss autographed paper back copies for only $30.99. I will also include a really cool new book mark only available for August.

Thank you for your support!!!


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