Sniper’s Kiss has headed to my test readers. If they like it heading to editor next. I’m hoping to get this to you in the next few months. The final word count as of right now is 108k. No time to rest onto the next. Check out the questions I posed on the Facebook page.

New Page


Check out my new website design. What do you think? Give me some feedback so I know you’re out there.

Working on Sniper’s Kiss rewrite, hot and steamy new scenes and more action. More Maya and Duncan.




In September I met with the talented Patricia Nelson, for a one-on-one critique. She liked the story and was impressed with my characters but she suggested a rewrite on the beginning.

Okay in my mind I heard good and rewrite…so I’m doing a major rewrite on Sniper’s Kiss. Yep I’m that crazy writer. I know you will love it this time. The rewrite hooks you and makes you turn the pages.

Can’t wait to share it with you all. So back to the rewrite so I can have it ready to go to an editor in December.

Because of this no NaNoWriMo this year.