Camp NaNoWriMo

I am currently sitting at 36k words.  In the home stretch and I worry I am not going to make it.  So for inspiration, I am going to give you an unedited portion of what I am writing right this minute.

From Dani and Raul’s story…

“Congratulations Ms. Cavanaugh.”  I jump at the voice from the shadows.  I see a man with medium brown hair and brown eyes just taller then Raul step out.  His accent is American East Coast.  How he knows that name has me confused.

“I am sorry but you must have me confused with someone else, my name is Daniella Lopez.”

“It is now.  But it was Cavanaugh.”  He says smoothly.

“No, it was McGeraty.  Do I know you?”  I tilt my head trying to figure out where I know him from.  Something nibbles the back of my mind.  Something familiar…


Again, thank you for all your support.  Hope you like the sneak peak.



Camp NaNoWriMo

Only six days into the Camp and I am already at 21,225 words for the month.  To be honest, I started out with 6k already, but I had to go back and rework that and then add in my new stuff.  I am excited about this story, and it has helped me get over the block on the previous story I need to fix.  Also added another set of characters that will eventually have a book.  Love this and my craziness.  Thank you for all your support.

April Camp NaNoWriMo

Crazy old me is doing it again.  I am committing to writing 50k words for April.  This will be in book 4 of the series as 1 and 2 are down or edit and book three is at alpha readers.  I will post as I can with my word counts.  Thank you for the support.

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