Getting ready to query a publishing company.  Wish me luck.  If any of you have time and want to read my letter and synopsis I would love it.  Thank you for all your support.

Happy Valentine’s Day


How about a little good natured sexting for a treat tonight?  Maya and Duncan spend a lot of time talking through text here is a small sample of how intense it can get.

Duncan: You on the plane yet?
Me: Yeah, just got my seat
Duncan: I just got to my new flat. Going to have Ana do some decorating around here.
Me: What are you doing, now?
Duncan: Walking around and finding every surface I’m going to shag you on.

An Interesting Question


I am working on my Character Sketches for the upcoming characters.  I want them to have a good base in each of the proceeding books until theirs.

I have come up with a question, though…about the main team.  They are Duncan, Joshua, Raul, Ian, and Timothy, they all served in the same unit of the SAS together.

Can the death of one man affect the lives of five other men?  How?

For me, I would say yes.  I am seeing that all of these men have changed their lives because of the death of one man.  Even a guy like Timothy who was a stable young man before the war and now holds everyone at a distance.  He doesn’t trust himself or his abilities anymore.

To me, this is what a lot of our soldiers must be going through.  I don’t personally know what they go through, but I am learning through my writing and research.  I pray that I am giving my characters realistic struggles.

Just an FYI I will also be sprinkling some American Soldiers in too.  I have a new character named Zach that was Marine Force Recon.

On that note…Thank you to all our soldiers American and other countries.  Thank you for your sacrifice.

E.M. Shue



In the writing cave and I have come up with another set of characters.  My brain keeps pushing out more stories for the Women of Securities International.  Update on Sniper’s Kiss due to editing and wanting to give you the best of me I have decided to delay the publishing of Sniper’s Kiss.  Have faith I will be hopefully be publishing in the Spring.  Thank you again for all your support.  I will try to keep giving you Teasers.

Thank you,

E.M. Shue