Working on edits.  Whew this is harder than writing the manuscript.  Too many ‘have’ and not enough commas.  Yep, I love this part.  Haha.  So update on teasers.  How about a teaser for Friday?  Let me know if you want one.  I want to see how many of you are reading this.

While working on manuscript three, I came up with an 8th possible story to this series.  How does this happen?  I start writing, and it flows.

Music right now is in tribute to one of my favorite singers from my favorite band… Glenn Frey.  Spotify playlist blaring in my ear as I dance and edit.



Wow, the Holiday’s take a lot out of a person.  I am back to writing and working on edits to Sniper’s Kiss and writing Love’s First Kiss.  Love’s First Kiss will be book three; I am excited for you to meet them.  In my infinite wisdom, I have now come up with the premise for an eighth story.  Yep, I am crazy.

I hope the New Year has been good for all of you.  I will start posting more teasers for Sniper’s Kiss in the next couple of weeks.  My alpha readers loved it and had highlighted a lot of their favorite parts.

As usual, I am deep in research and writing.  Thank you for you support.

E.M. Shue