Interview with Derek and Greg


Hello, today we are interviewing Derek and Greg Williams.  Two more characters in the upcoming new book Sniper’s Kiss.

E.M. – I understand you both are friends of Maya Aaron.

Derek and Greg –  Family

E.M. – Excuse me?

Greg – Maya is family.  She is like a daughter to me and a sister to Derek.

Derek – She is the little annoying sister I never had.

E.M. – How long have you known Maya?

Derek – Since she was 19 and in college.

E.M. – How did you meet her if I can ask?

Greg – James and I know each other, and we introduced the kids.

E.M. – Is there a story here?

Derek – Maya is a private person if she didn’t tell you I won’t, plus I like my privacy too.

E.M. – Derek I understand you are a police officer also, correct?

Derek – Yes, I joined the academy with Maya.  

E.M. – So do you want to become a part of the E.R.T. also?

Derek – That is my plan too.  Maya and I have practiced and trained hard to do this.  We hope to be on the same team and maybe partners.

E.M. – What kind of training? And what do you mean by partners?

Derek – Any extra training that is offered by the department or through any of the other agencies we try to take.  I have been a spotter for her for years now.

E.M. – How about you Greg what do you do for a living?

Greg – I work for the Secret Service.  I help Derek and Maya get the extra training they want to take.  I was able to get them both into some training sessions for snipers at Quantico.  I have wanted both of them to join the Service for years.

Derek – Dad not now, please.

E.M. – So neither you or Maya wanted to be Secret Service agents.

Derek – No

E.M. – Can I ask why?

Derek – We wanted to be police officers.  No big deal.  Plus I don’t wear suits and Maya hates dresses.

E.M. – Do you and Maya do things together?

Derek – We spar once in awhile when I think she won’t kick my ass.  We also ride our motorcycles together.  

E.M. – Derek, Maya said that you would say she needs to learn to live and have more fun.  Do you agree with that statement?

Derek – Yes, both of us put our jobs before ourselves.  But, she really needs to get out of her head once in awhile.  I try to joke and tease with her, but she just shrugs it off.  She only goes to the bar once in awhile.  Her life is focused on working out and working to be the best.  I think she needs to shake it up a little.

Greg – I agree, I try to get both of the kids away once in awhile.  I have been bugging Maya to take a vacation and go to London again.  Her last trip was to Israel last winter to go to a funeral; that is not a vacation.

E.M. – I am so sorry to hear about her loss, she did not share anything about family.

Greg – That is my girl, she doesn’t share.

E.M. – Is there anything else you can tell me about Maya, either of you?

Derek – No.  I don’t feel like getting my ass handed to me when I meet her at the gym later.

Greg – She might come off as strong and gruff, but she is a truly a kind and decent person.   She has a gentle soul, and I hope I am there the day she opens up finally.

E.M. – Thank you for your time, and we look forward to learning more about you in Sniper’s Kiss.

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