Interview with Joshua and James.


Hello again, today I would like to introduce you to Joshua Donovan first and then to James Preston.  Welcome, Mr. Donovan.

Joshua – Hello, thank you for having me.

E.M. – I was wondering if we could ask you a few questions about Duncan Preston.

Joshua – I can answer some.

E.M. – How did you two meet?

Joshua – We met in the Army.  I was his Lieutenant; he was my right-hand.

E.M. –  I was told that you sought him out instead of him being assigned to you.  Is that true?

Joshua – I wanted the best to work with me so yes I sought him out.

E.M. – Do you know much about his family?

Joshua – Only that he has a sister and father that live in London.  We do not discuss our families.

E.M. – Are you going to the wedding?

Joshua – No.  Duncan is borrowing my Rover because he only has a small car and needs to run his sister and the maid-of-honor around.

E.M. – Anything else you can tell us about Duncan?

Joshua – He is a fairly private person, but for those he cares he is loyal and fiercely protective.

E.M. – He is a large guy does that intimidate you?

Joshua – Bloody hell woman, yes it is intimidating when he comes running at you full of anger.  Why do you think I asked him to work for me?

E.M. – Tell us about your company

Joshua – I run a multinational security company.  My grandfather started the business when I was young, and I just continued it.  With my military background and his we have contacts all over the world.  I added the Computer Security Division after I hired another friend from my military days.  I hope to add some other specialties some day.

E.M. – Such as?

Joshua – Forensics accounting, personal security, and I would like to add a Criminology Division.

E.M. – How would that help you?  

Joshua – The forensics accounting would help with searching accounting files and learning to not only secure them but, as they say, following the money.  The criminology would help with learning why someone does what they do and help us with tracking stalkers.  I would like to teach women not to be victims, how to protect themselves.

E.M. – Okay now I understand.  Thank you for your time today, I have another interview set up shortly.

Joshua – Thank you.

E.M. – I would like to introduce you now to James Preston, Duncan and Ana’s father.  Hello, Mr. Preston.

James – Hello

E.M. – I hear you are busy preparing for your daughter’s upcoming wedding.

James – I am not that busy with the planning.  Jonathon has it all planned out, and Ana is doing all the finalizing.  I show up at the events they want me too.  He asked me to see if anyone from the Royal family would be attending, but I assured him that would not be possible.

E.M. – He wanted one of them to attend?

James – Yes of course.  He is pushing for the event of the year.

E.M. – How about your son Duncan?

James – What about him?  He just got home a couple weeks ago from the military.

E.M. – I bet you are proud of him and glad he is home safe now.

James – I understand he did well for himself in the military. Yes, of course, it is good he is safe.

E.M. – Okay.  Uhm, how about Maya Aaron, I understand you know her too?

James – I have known Maya for several years.  Her mum and my Isabella grew up together.  I am extremely proud of the woman Maya has become.  Her job scares me but it is what she wants to do.

E.M. – So you know her family.  Can you tell us about them?

James – (smiles) I am guessing that Maya did not want to talk about her family.  I will not tell you anything either.  She is very private.

E.M. – Okay.  Can you tell us are you worried about Maya’s possible interview for the ERT team?

James – I told you her job scares me.  I know though that she will be watched and taken care of if she succeeds in her quest.  With Maya, I learned a long time ago if you try to stop her she will just run you over.  She is a special woman.

E.M. – I guess that is all I have for you today.  Thank you for your time.

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