Interview with Anabel Preston


Today we will get to know some of the friends and relatives of our hero/heroine of Sniper’s Kiss the first book in the Women of Securities International Series.

E.M. – Welcome Ms. Anabel Preston.  I have a few questions to ask you today about Maya and Duncan.

Anabel – You may call me Ana, most everyone does.  My full name is so formal.

E.M. – Please tell us a little about yourself.

Ana – I am engaged to be married to Jonathon Davidson, he works for a consulting firm.  I am busy planning that.  I have an older brother, Duncan and my father who lives in London too.

E.M. – Have you picked out the dresses and all that?

Ana – That was all easy because there was a vision I needed to adhere to of the perfect wedding.

E.M. – So you have a theme?

Ana – The colors are blush, pink, and gold.

E.M. – Do you work outside the home?

Ana – No, Jonathon has a demanding career and wants me to stay home.

E.M. – Don’t you have an art degree?

Ana – Yes

E.M. – Do you still do art?

Ana – No, that was a hobby.  I take care of my soon-to-be husband, now.

E.M. – How long have you known Maya?

Ana – I have known Maya for about five years.  Our mothers were best friends before my mum died.

E.M. – Your brother just got of the Army, how is that?

Ana – It is nice to have my brother home safe.  I worried about him so much when he was there.  We do not get together much because we are both so busy with my engagement and him working.

E.M. – Do you have any hobbies?

Ana – No, I am very busy taking care of Jonathon.

E.M. – What do you do when Jonathon is at work, though?

Ana – I work around the flat cleaning and preparing his meals.  He has a list of things I am supposed to do daily.

E.M. – Do you have a favorite music genre?

Ana – Jonathon listens to classical music, primarily Mozart.

E.M. – What about you?

Ana – I listen to what Jonathon listens too.

E.M. – What would you consider is your worst trait?

Ana – I am not perfect.

E.M. – Oh you mean you are too much of a perfectionist?

Ana – No, I am not as perfect as I should be.

E.M. – Okay.  Do you and Jonathon plan to have children?

Ana – No, Jonathon is all I need.

E.M. – Okay.  So Maya said you would say her worst trait is that she needs to learn to live.  Is that true?

Ana – Maya has spent the last five years working toward a goal I worry is unattainable.  She does not date, and she does nothing for fun.  She will never meet a man that way.  

E.M. – To her work is her life, getting married isn’t.

Ana – True but a woman is only as good as the man she supports.

E.M. – You do not believe that do you?

Ana – That is what Jonathon says is the most important thing.

E.M. –  Do you have any social life?

Ana – Jonathon will take me to company parties once in awhile.

E.M. – Okay, thank you for your time today Ana.  It was very enlightening, good luck with the upcoming wedding.  I will let you get back to planning.

Ana – Thank you

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