Interview with Duncan…


Hello, again this is E.M. Shue, today I am interviewing Duncan Preston another character in Sniper’s Kiss the introduction to the new exciting Women of Securities International Series.

E.M. – Welcome Mr. Duncan Preston.  I have a few questions to ask you today.

Duncan – Begin

E.M. -Tell us a little about yourself

Duncan – I recently got out the British Army and will more than likely start working for a mate at Securities International a private security company.   I have a younger sister who is getting married soon.  My father retired from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  There are going to be many perks of working for my friend; travel, working with my old teammates, and plenty of lassies.

E.M. – What will you be doing for Securities International?

Duncan – I will be a Close Protection Operative and second in command.

E.M. – Second in command?

Duncan – Joshua and I served together.  His first choice declined because he did not want to give up his detail.

E.M. – Congratulations to you then Mr. Preston.

Duncan – You may call me Duncan.  Thank you

E.M. – Thank you, Duncan. How about what do you do for fun?

Duncan – I work on my 1967 Aston Martin DBS.

E.M. – That is all you do?

Duncan – Yes.  With my sister going daft right now with wedding plans.  My mates and I drink at the pub occasionally or work out.

E.M. – How about your favorite music genre?

Duncan – I listen to anything, classic rock, Stones, Hendrix and Eagles are my favorite.

E.M. – Anyone special in your life?

Duncan – No.

E.M. – What would you say is your worst trait?

Duncan – My gaffer would say stubbornness.

E.M. – Gaffer?

Duncan – My father

E.M. – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Duncan – No plans.  

E.M. – Higher up with your company, marriage, children?

Duncan – If it happens. (pause)  I want to know…Nothing.

E.M. – Know what?

Duncan – A friend said it was worth it.  What does that mean?  In 5 years, I want to know what is worth it.  Is love worth it?  I want something to be worth it.  My mum died when I was five years old, my father has never remarried, and I do not believe he has ever even dated.  She was worth it.  That is what I want, but longer.

E.M. – Hm okay. Final question any big upcoming plans?

Duncan – Just my sister’s wedding.  

E.M. –  Well thank you for your time today, Duncan.

Duncan – Thank you

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