Interview with Maya


Hello, this is E.M. Shue, today I am interviewing Maya Aaron the main character of Sniper’s Kiss the introduction to the new exciting Women of Securities International Series.

E.M. – Welcome Ms. Maya Aaron.  I only have a few questions to ask you today.

Maya – Thank you for having me.

E.M. -Tell us a little about yourself

Maya – I work for DC Metro Police Department and that is about it.

E.M. – Really? Nothing else you want people to know about you

Maya – Like what? I am a police officer I would like to be on the ERT team. I am not a girly girl; I don’t like shopping or wearing dresses. Although, I do like shoes, and I love guns and knives. I have several of all.

E.M. – I like the cowboy boots your wearing.  What is an ERT team?

Maya – You would call it SWAT it is the Emergency Response Team.

E.M. – Oh Okay.  How about family?

Maya – Next question, please

E.M. – No family or you don’t talk about them?

Maya – I said next question please. I do not discuss my family.  If that is what you want to ask me about, then we are done.

E.M. – Sorry Ms. Aaron, I will not ask any more questions about family.

Maya – Maya call me Maya I don’t do formal unless you are a superior officer.

E.M. – Thank you, Maya. How about what do you do for fun?

Maya – Fun? Uhm…well…I work out at a friends studio, run, go to the range, ride my motorcycle, and watch Food Network.

E.M. – Food Network?

Maya – Yeah I like cooking shows.

E.M. – How about your favorite music genre? And, your favorite flower?

Maya – I don’t like flowers, remember not a girly girl.  I like classic rock, rock, and some English bands.

E.M. – Like?

Maya – Stones, The Script, and U2. I also like classic Heart, AC/DC, and several others.

E.M. – Do you have any special talents?

Maya – I used to do Biathlon when I was a teenager, so I am a pretty good shot now.  I want to be a sniper on the ERT team. I speak many languages primarily Yiddish, Hebrew, and Arabic. I also study Krav Maga and Israeli knife fighting.

E.M. – How about your favorite vehicle?

Maya – That one is easy I like my Ford Raptor truck and my Ducati 848 Evo.

E.M. – No cars?

Maya – Porsche makes a nice car, but I am a truck girl, I told you not a girly girl.

E.M. – Anyone special in your life?

Maya – I have a few friends.

E.M. – No I mean are you seeing anyone special?

Maya – No, I don’t date. I work, my job is my life.

E.M. – Okay. What would you say is your worst trait?

Maya – Pass

E.M. – Please Ms., sorry I mean Maya, people want to know about you.

Maya – ahem…I would say I am a workaholic.

E.M. – Is there something you would change about yourself?

Maya – I would not change anything, I like who I am. My best friends would say that I need to learn to live and have fun more.

E.M. – Would that be your friends Anabel and Derek?

Maya – Yes

E.M. – They both will be interviewed coming up soon.

Maya – Okay

E.M. – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Maya – I see myself as the number one sniper on the ERT team.

E.M. – Not married and with children

Maya – No I don’t see myself married, and I don’t ever plan on having children.

E.M. – Uhm okay. Here is an easy question any big upcoming plans?

Maya – In a few weeks I will be going to London for my best friend, Ana’s wedding. I have not been to London for several years, and I have not seen her since. Other than having to wear a dress I am excited to go.

E.M. – You have not seen your best friend in years?

Maya – No, work has gotten in the way.

E.M. –  Well thank you for your time today, Maya.

Maya – Thank you

E.M. – Wait can I ask you one more question, I noticed when you stood up you have a gun on under your jacket.  Do you always conceal and carry?

Maya – Yes, I always have guns and knives on me.

E.M. – Okay, well thank you again.  Good luck getting your interview.

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